Top 10 Coating Solution Providers - 2018
North American Coating Laboratories (NACL): Vision Meets The Future Of Optical Coatings

Top 10 Coating Solution Providers - 2018

The significance of coatings in the manufacturing industry has developed drastically over the course of time that it is impossible to imagine the modern world without it. Coating technology is now no longer limited to aesthetics but has become vital in the improvement of tool life. Coatings have enabled manufacturers to create tools with a much longer life by maintaining hardness, temperature resistance and the contact between the tool and materials. With the introduction of self-cleaning technology, surfaces of upholstery and objects can be kept clean, dry and stain resistant with self-sterilizing fabric materials. For a manufacturing unit to function in extreme environmental conditions, the manufacturer can depend on composite coating technology that is unfazed by friction, temperature or corrosion.

Commercial applications needing large scale productions use micro-arc oxidation (MAO) coating technology which provides durability and protection against corrosion, porosity and hot cracks despite its high power requirement and high capital investments. Another important development is that of self-healing technology that enables total or partial repair of damages caused by aggressive events or ageing. This technology helps in gap closing and crack sealing for metal, wood, and polymers—including those that require maintaining a clear, glossy appearance.

As the industrial and infrastructural market is expected to grow, pushing the coating market forward, emerging economies are looking to make the most of the benefits of coating technology, inducing a rising competition among different vendors.

After comparing a multitude of coating technology vendors, a distinguished panel of CEOs, analysts and CIOs has decided on a list of the top coating solution providers.

We present to you Manufacturing Tech Insights’ “Top 10 Coating Solution Providers - 2018.”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
AndersonDahlen Inc. To provide our customers specialty equipment and stainless steel fabrication services that are of world class quality and are competitively priced
Chroma Technology Corp. A leader in filter designs and manufacturing of precision optical filters and coatings
Hohman Plating Provides metal finishing and coating services to a worldwide market using engineering expertise and innovative technology applications
Indium Corporation Indium Corporation is a premier materials supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin film, thermal management, and solar markets
Ionbond Ionbond provides highest performance PVD, CVD and PACVD wear protection, low friction and decorative coatings as well as coating equipment
MBraun Develop world-class core technologies in inert gas purification, thin-film technology, isolators or custom system solutions and provide high quality customer specific controlled environment solutions
North American Coating Laboratories (NACL) Offering vacuum-applied coatings for both plastic and glass components and dipapplied hard coatings, which add capabilities such as scratch resistance for plastics
Soleras Soleras Advanced Coatings is a sputter process solutions company focused on customized approaches that drive improved productivity and performance in large area sputter coating
Sun Coating Company Sun Coating is dedicated to providing leading industrial coating solutions to today’s industries
Vacuum Process Technology LLC VPT designs and manufacturers state of the art coating chambers customized for a broad spectrum of applications and provides thin film solutions