Flora Coatings: Innovating High Performance Smart Sustainable Coatings

Flora Coatings: Innovating High Performance Smart Sustainable Coatings

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Atul Tiwari, CEO, Flora CoatingsAtul Tiwari, CEO
There is no denying that the benefits of advanced and durable industrial coatings go beyond enhancing the appearance of surfaces. Coatings protect surfaces from corrosion and abrasion caused by the presence of moisture and other potentially damaging substances while extending the lifecycle of industrial equipment. However, the increasing concerns over the safety of coatings and paints that degrade over time and release toxic ingredients in the atmosphere call for safer alternatives. Moreover, a majority of paints and coatings include multiple components, which need to be weighed and mixed in an appropriate proportion. Once applied, the leftovers have to be discarded, which results in wastage and pollution. To put an end to such long-standing predicaments in the industry, Phoenix-based Flora Coatings develops and manufactures high performance smart sustainable coatings through constant innovation and cutting-edge research and development. “We aim to provide coating solutions that protect the surface of objects without disturbing their original appearance,” states Atul Tiwari, CEO of the company.

Flora Coatings delivers coating solutions that are environment-friendly and free of carcinogenic substances. Compared to other coatings on the market, Flora Coatings’ solutions have a much longer shelf life, are ready to use, and can be reused and recycled, thereby reducing wastage. When applied on any existing painted surfaces, these ultra-thin coating solutions preserve the original color of the surface and protect the paint from degrading over time. “We have developed a next-generation of organometallic compounds, which are used in our coatings, to make them adhere to even passive surfaces. Our solutions push electrons to surfaces that do not have active functionality, which, in turn, form a strong covalent bond with the coating to facilitate adhesion,” explains Tiwari.

We aim to provide coating solutions that protect the surface of objects without disturbing their original appearance

The R&D team at Flora Coatings plays a crucial role in analyzing market trends and developing solutions that meet the varying and diverse requirements in the industry. For example, the team of experts at Flora Coatings has developed a single component, transparent anti-microbial coating that effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and germs on various surfaces while keeping their texture and appearance intact. This product proved to be extremely beneficial for a client that required an anti-microbial coating for the rubber gasket of washing machines installed in hospitals and homes. Repeated washing of patients’ clothes resulted in the accumulation of pathogens in the rubber gasket, which further contaminated the clothes washed in the machine. Flora Coatings provided the client with its durable anti-microbial solution that could not only stick firmly to the rubber surface but also successfully prevented the transmission of bacteria.

On another occasion, Flora Coatings engaged with a client that required a protective coating for the heat exchangers of their HVAC system. In most AC systems, the aluminum heat exchangers require coating to prevent corrosion in the presence of moisture or in a saline environment. Since the client’s AC unit was located in a region where snowfall was frequent, the client wanted to prevent the aluminum heat exchangers from corroding while keeping the metal surface cleaner and retaining its thermal conductivity. On applying FloraCoatings’ ultra-thin coating on the metal surface of the heat exchanger, the client could not only protect the surface from corrosion but also retain its efficiency in terms of thermal conductivity.

Tiwari stresses that the entire range of Flora Coatings’ products is patent protected, and many of its products are tested by the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. Following an innovation first approach, Flora Coatings has also recently developed a novel, rapid curing scratch-resistant coating for plastic substrates. Moving ahead, the company is on a mission to extend its services to diverse industries, including healthcare and automotive and transportation.

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Flora Coatings

Flora Coatings

Phoenix, AZ

Atul Tiwari, CEO

Flora Coatings is an innovation-driven company that promotes sustainable high performance and most advanced coatings. Flora Coating is committed to delivering a safer alternative to toxic coatings and paints. Their world-class coating experts are continually developing new products through their incomparable cutting edge research and development activities. Their products are safe, and leftover can be recycled to useful materials. Founded in 2014, Flora Coatings is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Their vision is to become the world’s most advanced coatings company with products that are environmental and human-friendly