HZO: Protecting Electronics with Nano Coatings

HZO: Protecting Electronics with Nano Coatings

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Stephen Gold, CCO, HZOStephen Gold, CCO By 2025, there will be over 41.6 billion connected devices, providing greater convenience, entertainment, productivity, safety, and security to a world that depends on them.

Electronics are fulfilling new, critical roles in our society as they guide self-driving cars, empower communications, monitor smart cities, power health devices, control security cameras, and more. The diversity of their functions means that the environments that they must reliably operate in are just as varied. Water, sweat, corrosive substances, gasoline, and salts are some of the threats that electronics must now contend with.

In this competitive market, the stakes are high. Manufacturers must ensure that electronics can withstand weather conditions, industrial hazards, household liquids, and more just to get a place at the table. Traditional methods used to protect these devices are falling short. Mechanical seals or gaskets commonly used to prevent water ingress give out with wear and tear, and thick epoxies and silicones add unnecessary and unacceptable weight to products that are shrinking in size.

HZO, a company that safeguards electronics with superior nano coatings, thinks it is time for more OEMs to think outside the box. By shielding the circuitry inside devices with nano coatings, HZO protects electronics from the inside out. The thin-film solutions provided offer robust protection guaranteed to extend the lifetime of a device, at a width of less than a strand of human hair.

“With the miniaturization of electronics, the limitation of seals and the bulkiness of traditional conformal coatings just don’t work,” says Stephen Gold, HZO’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Water, sweat, bodily fluids, corrosive substances, gasoline, and salts are some of the threats that electronics must now contend with

“HZO’s super-thin and ultra-light nano coatings have the incredible resilience and the capability to protect today’s devices wherever, and however, they are being used.”

Based in Morrisville, NC, HZO has created a portfolio of protective coatings known as their Spectrum of Protection™ that includes nano coatings, thin-film Parylene protection, and a variety of hybrid solutions optimized to the needs of its customers. Founded in 2011, the company has worked diligently to offer an unmatched level of protection backed by a library of over 360 intellectual property assets.

“HZO brings together the people, process, material science and equipment to deliver the perfect waterproofing solution, whether it’s simply protecting a smartphone or ensuring mission-critical applications keep working,” says Gold.

HZO designs, develops, and manufactures its own equipment, allowing it greater coating precision, consistency, quality, and scalability. Their proprietary coating machines house the largest coating chambers in the industry, allowing the company to coat one piece, or millions of pieces a day. The company also employs and contracts a workforce of over 4,000 people including PhDs, engineers, marketers, business and sales executives, operation managers and more.

Their patented processes and equipment, deep domain understanding and expertise, and diversity of material solutions form a turnkey offering that HZO can provide to their clientele.

They partner with customers from the first day of design through mass production, taking into consideration an OEM’s specific requirements, including level of protection and price.

The versatility of their solutions and proven track record make HZO a well-known and respected name in the thin-film coating industry. To date, HZO has protected over 100 million of devices and has earned the trust of top-tier customers, including Fortune 500 companies.

Their customers have benefited by avoiding cost associated with warranty claim and returns, expensive service calls, mitigating liability associated with electronic failures, and driving incremental revenue as a result of a more durable, reliable product.

Cognizant of the ever-growing need to deliver environmentally-friendly, sound solutions, HZO also places a focus on running a sustainable practice, an additional benefit for OEMs interested in “green” products.

Although HZO built their reputation by protecting consumer electronics, market diversification is a key focus of the company, protecting products within the automotive, IoT, medical devices, industrial sectors, and more. The exponential growth of electronics combined with HZO’s customizable protection solutions seem to suggest that the sky is the limit.

“We protect what matters most,” says Gold. “Whether it’s the autonomous module in your family car, the phone you depend on, or keeping your smart home functioning in any environment, we’re here to keep you safe, connected, and up and running.”

- Laura Davis
    January 31, 2020
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Morrisville, NC

Stephen Gold, CCO

HZO protects electronics from the most demanding environments – be it water, salt, dust, dirt, coffee, or corrosive materials – with world-class nano coatings to enable a better, more durable product. The company works with some of the largest companies across industries from design through production, no matter the volume, complexity, or protection required to deliver a better, more reliable and more durable water resistant and waterproof product. Working with some of the largest companies across industries including consumer electronics, IoT, medical device and automotive, HZO delivers a better, more reliable and more durable water resistant and waterproof product that reduces costly returns, improves customer satisfaction and drives overall brand value