Hydromer, Inc.- Next Generation: Innovation and Sustainability

Hydromer, Inc.- Next Generation: Innovation and Sustainability

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Peter M. von Dyck, CEO, Hydromer, Inc.Martin von Dyck, Executive VP and Peter M. von Dyck, CEO
For a pioneering business to flourish, it must continue to evolve and adapt to the changing business climate it serves.

That holds true for Hydromer, where two brothers, Peter M. von Dyck, CEO and Martin von Dyck, Executive VP are actively engaged in expanding the specialty polymers and coatings company that their father, Manfred F. Dyck, began almost 40 years ago. Under his leadership, Hydromer developed coatings for high technology medical and industrial applications. Always ahead of the competition, Hydromer was an early provider of alternatives that foster sustainability; a movement which is currently trending in almost every business sector. In response to increased global demand for safer, greener solutions Hydromer has been leveraging Manfred’s passion for both chemistry and botanicals by developing more eco-friendly surface modification technologies for more than a decade.

From its beginning, Hydromer augmented the way complex medical devices functioned in the human body through proprietary biocompatible hydrophilic coatings. Hydromer built a solid reputation for lubricious medical coatings and became a critical supply partner to many blue-chip corporations. Additionally, the company began developing products with performance characteristics such as anti-fog and condensation control. Eventually, these led to opportunities and applications in sectors like industrial, automotive and personal care. “Hydromer has a proven track record of providing new coating technologies that add tremendous value and enhanced performance capabilities to our customers’ finished products,” states Peter.

Hydromer’s experience and expertise drive its ability to formulate custom-tailored coating solutions applicable to medical devices, even those with complicated surface geometries.

The company helped revolutionize the medical industry by eliminating the risks involved in the process of craniotomy. Traditionally, physicians used craniotomy to examine blood clots in a patient’s brain by cutting through the skull often damaging sensitive tissue. However, Hydromer’s lubricous coating enables the medical devices to effortlessly pass through a needle and throughout the tortuous vascular system deep into the brain. Hydromer coating also insulates the device, making it inert and reduces friction for smooth passage inside the body. Practitioners steer the medical device under an X-ray without damaging the blood vessels, preventing further injury to the patient. “Our medical coatings have multiple applications from lubricity to anti-microbial,” says Martin.

Hydromer, a medical grade company, has been incorporating sustainable chemistry for years. This combination of regulatory credibility and innovation is rare because not every company is held to the higher standards required by both FDA and ISO-certifications. Hydromer’s testing and quality control are exceptionally high, and their product documentation complies with strict FDA protocols. “Hydromer’s ability to provide safer and more sustainable solutions, backed with real data adds credibility to our customers and helps them further differentiate their products from that of their competitors,” adds Peter. Due to a growing demand for more environmentally conscious solutions with cleaner, more natural labels and ingredients, the company has ventured into the personal care and cosmetics market where there is tremendous demand for greener solutions backed with real scientific data.

Hydromer is open to collaboration and has a flexible business model that serves its clients based on their needs. Peter adds, “Depending on the requirement, we are capable of coating the products for the client, shipping the coating material for their coating application themselves, and even able to design and build custom coating machinery to accelerate their launch.”

With its renowned ability to help speed customers’ products to market, the company will continue working closely with clients requiring specialized polymers and surface coating technologies. Hydromer actively embraces complex challenges and opportunities in the evolution of material sciences and is well-positioned to help companies of all sizes enhance the performance capabilities of their finished products. As brothers, Peter and Martin are excited to expand Hydromer’s legacy together, especially into areas that can benefit from their long history of innovation and sustainability.

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Hydromer, Inc.

Branchburg, NJ

Martin von Dyck, Executive VP and Peter M. von Dyck, CEO

Headquartered in Branchburg, NJ, Hydromer Branchburg is a global surface modification and coatings solutions provider. Hydromer collaborates extensively with clients to deliver superior, customized polymer-based solutions. They create or modify coating formulations that adhere to a multitude of substrates and match the unique requirements and geometries of any device. The company also offers custom industrial and medical device coatings, contract coating services, customized coating equipment, contract manufacturing, and turnkey operations backed by outstanding teams of research and development, customer service, and tech support. Hydromer’s technologies enhance the value of the clients’ products by delivering lubricity, thromboresistance, anti-fogging, antimicrobial, and other properties